One of the latest news here in Argentina is that the government decided that the Hotels are not charging more the Tax and/or Vat for room nights and breakfast which makes traveling in Argentina more tasteful. When the travelers are doing the check-in at the hotel they HAVE TO present their foreign passport then the

Now it is open…the newest 5*+ Hotel Alvear Icon in Buenos Aires. With 159 modern and luxury styled Rooms and Suites, with a fantastic view over Puerto Madero from the Restaurant and the Bar which are located in the 31 and 32 floor. In the floor 19 and 20 there are the fabulous Spa &

Favorite thing… … you’ll be told again and again that if you eat the Calafate berry you will return to Patagonia. Don’t worry if you’re not there when the bush is fruiting – you’ll find plenty of opportunities to eat the fruit of this member of the Berberis (barberry) family before you leave El Calafate

Do you know … …. that a part of the movie 007 James Bond…Moonraker was produced in Iguazu Falls 1979. There was a boat chase during which James Bond was cornered between a pursuing boat and an enormous waterfall. Conveniently, his boat came equipped with a hang glider, which he activated just before he plummeted

The Obelisk… … of Buenos Aires is 221 feet (67m) high, was started on 20 of March 1936 and finished on 23 of May 1963 and is pretty similar to the Washington Monument which is 555 feet (169m) high, started in 1848 and took to finish 36 years!!! Avenida 9 de Julio (July 9 Avenue)…