Do you know … IGUAZU

Do you know …

…. that a part of the movie 007 James Bond…Moonraker was produced in Iguazu Falls 1979. There was a boat chase during which James Bond was cornered between a pursuing boat and an enormous waterfall. Conveniently, his boat came equipped with a hang glider, which he activated just before he plummeted over the edge. You can always count on Bond to not only have exciting chases, but to have them in fabulous locales as well.

Also Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the cristal skull and the movie “the Mission” 1986 was done there…


How to Dress…

… expect to get wet if you want to get to the closest view points of the waterfalls. If you’re going in the summer (Nov-Feb), also expect it to be hot. You may wish to wear a bathing suit underneath regular clothing so you can peel down to the bathing suit when you get to the wet sections. Do not wear cotton, as I did one times. I would recommend synthetic, fast-drying clothes.

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