Sustentability choises that you can make

Sustainable Events

We like to encourage sustainable places, how they take care of the environment with the materials that they use, lighting with LEDs, using the newest technologies, recycling waste, etc.
Catering at the events, local producers with seasonal and organic food and wine from the top regions… the combination makes the taste.

Sustainable Hotels

We like to sugged to use hotels that are involved with sustainability and also encourage the guest to try to collaborate with the ecology

They do it in many ways, with LEDs, with the newest technology, with recycling waste, by using organic products, etc

Less Waist

Refill the water bottles, We always have in all locations dispensers to refill the bottles to avoid plastic waits.

Bottles with the logo of the company is also a nice gift.







Sustainable Transfers

Buses and cars are no more than two years old; new technologies help to improve performance.

When the transportations are waiting for the passengers, they only put on the air conditioner 15 minutes before.

APP For Incentives and Meetings

We have developed an exclusive app to be PAPERLESS and use technology in all our events, you only need WIFI to download the program and for the updates. We can send updates or change at the moment avoiding printing many papers.

CO2 Footprint

A fantastic way to collaborate with the ecology is to plan a tree, with the years you will see how gif is your gift to the city!