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THE WHITE CONTINENT – 2 days Buenos Aires – 2 days Ushuaia – 11 days Antarctic cruise – 1 day Ushuaia – 1 day Buenos Aires.

As soon as you arrive you will be delighted by the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires!!!!

A multicultural city with much to be passionate about – tango, football, beautiful architecture and superlative steak and wine – and also its coffee shops, bookstores and shopping! where its attractive and traditional neighborhoods stand out: Recoleta, San Telmo, La Boca, Puerto Madero, and Palermo.

When you became an expert in Buenos Aires, you are ready to go to Ushuaia, The Southernmost city in the world, there you will start the adventure, the 4 x4 excursions and kayaking in Fagnano lake,

In the day 4, you are ready for the cruise of your life, to walk over the White Continent, The Antartica!!!!! Where nature is shown in its primitive expression, Where the color of the sky is brighter and the icebergs only seeing here, are only showing in the surface the 20% of it magnitude, the blue colors of the ice shows the ancients that they are….

The Fauna, Where the Penguins, whales seals, albatrosses, other seabirds and a range of invertebrates you may not have heard about are the soul of this White land.

The magnitude of Nature in it whole expression!!!!!

Enjoy the Sunrise and sunset from your room with a hot chocolate, the flash of the green light only seen here.

If the weather cooperates, Polies will be treated to a phenomenon that few of us get to see, the ‘green flash’. This a highlight of a South Pole sunrise or sunset. The atmosphere bends the different wavelengths (colors) of sunlight slightly differently, giving a nearly invisible fringe of green to the top of the orb. Ordinarily, it’s far to faint to see right next to the full brightness of the sun, but at sunset, very rarely, the sun will be obscured enough that for the last moment before it disappears completely, you can make out a faint green band.

(In the mid-latitudes, this “green flash” lasts only for an instant, and is rare enough that it has become somewhat mythologized. Jules Verne once described it as “…a green which no artist could ever obtain on his palette, a green of which neither the varied tints of vegetation nor the shades of the most limpid sea could ever produce the like! If there is a green in Paradise, it cannot be but of this shade, which most surely is the true green of Hope.” A little over the top, perhaps, but you get the idea. At the South Pole, instead of a 1/2 second green flash, they have about 5 hours to view the dancing green and even blue edges on top of the sun.)

This deluxe cruise is 1 in a lifetime experience that you will never forget!!

The cruise will end in Ushuaia.

The next day you will be are ready to tango in Buenos Aires.

From BA fly home

You are here: Home | Leisure | 16 DAYS ICE CUBE




A bilingual guide will welcome you at the airport. A private transfer will take you in 45 minute to the hotel.


Attire: Casual, comfortable shoes

Enjoy a walk as you hear the background behind the beautiful palaces, parks and monuments of Recoleta. Discover the aristocratic BA with its magnificent architecture and learn about a generation that made BA the cultural capital of South America ending this walk in the Recoleta Cemetery, place where the famous Evita and all the heroes of Argentina have been buried, where it began the history of our the country.




Attire: Business Casual

A private transfer with a bilingual guide will share with you the history and the anecdotes of Buenos Aires.
We begin the tour at Plaza de Mayo – the main square of the City. Where we fight for our independence from Spain, This Presidential Palace, The Metropolitan Cathedral where the Pope use to give mass.

After plaza de Mayo we will walk to “El Tortoni café”, one of the most traditional cafes in Buenos Aires. We will enjoy the traditional hot chocolate with biscuits stuffed with milk jam called “churros”.

The tour will continue with a drive through the trendy San Telmo area, a bohemian neighborhood famous for its high-quality antique shops and weekend flea markets.

The next stop is La Boca, a quaint Italian harbor district famous for its unique row of homes.

We continue with a drive through the Palermo district decorated with gardens, fountains and statues reminiscent of the boulevards of Paris. Palermo is subdivided into several areas most with trendy bars, shops, parks and gardens for you to peruse.

Lunch at leisure


The flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia takes 3:35 hrs. in a direct flight.

The Flight to Ushuaia is at 08:25 AM, We will need to be at the airport 1:40 minutes before

At the southern end of Argentina, on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Located on the Beagle Channel, it takes its name -which means “bay overlooking the West” – from the Yamana language.

In an imposing frame of sea, forests, lakes and mountains, Ushuaia is a picturesque city, an increasing social and cultural activity.

Dinner at leisure

Overnight at ARAKUR HOTEL


DAY 3 - DAY 14: ANTARTIC CRUISE (11 days)

Sailing from Ushuaia, you will board the cruise for an exceptional journey to the heart of this land at the end of the world. An essential stopping point on your Antarctic Expedition, Neko Harbour is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in the Peninsula. Between the snow-covered mountains, the ice and the wildlife, you will be captivated by the magic of this unique site.

During your journey, you will discover the polar desert with its grandiose landscapes. You will be able to admire the tabular icebergs whose immense dimensions have always held a deep fascination for the great explorers.

Penguins are the veritable emblem of this ice-bound region, living in colonies of many thousands of members. Sailing on the drifting ice floe or waddling over an icy beach, you will be able to watch these unusual animals going about their daily life.

Razorback whales, humpback whales, Weddell seals, leopard seals and seabirds: This expanse of polar iridescence is home to many other species that you will encounter during your various excursions.


  • Outings and shore visits in a Zodiac® with a team of experienced naturalist guides.
  • Possibility of hikes.
  • Visits to scientific research stations and former whaling stations.
  • Landscapes: a multitude of drifting icebergs, ice floe, imposing glaciers and tall, snow-covered mountains.
  • Wildlife: a multitude of gentoo, Adélie and chinstrap penguins, small fin whales, humpback whales, Weddell and leopard seals, and numerous sea birds.


Afternoon at leisure,

Overnight at ARAKUR hotel



Lunch at leisure

Optional: Leather Shopping Tour


Available daily

Timing: TBD

Argentina is known for its beautiful leather, and this tour offers an opportunity to create custom leatherwear with some of the city’s top leather designers.
Enjoy a guided visit to select designer studios and shops where the designers will display their exciting creations for you to see, try and acquire! You may choose from a wide variety of designs and fabrics (leathers and suede) to create custom jackets, coats, pants, or skirts. Your selected items will be made for you during your stay in South America.

Fernanda Otero
Fernanda is a famous leather fashion designer, known for being stylish and having the most fashionable types of leather in Argentina. Her designs can be simple, elegant or at the cutting edge of fashion creativity.
– 48 hours delivery. Personal checks accepted. Credit cards NOT accepted.

Uru Recoleta
Located in the heart of Recoleta area, Uru Recoleta is a traditional leather manufacturer of Argentina. Their ability to deliver first class custom made jackets in 48 hours has made them very popular.
– Credit cards accepted.

Tango Lesson

Attire: Casual, high-heeled shoes for women and soled shoes for men.

60-minute, private Tango lessons will take place in a dance studio where you will learn the steps of the traditional dance of Argentina, as well as the history behind the dance.
After the lesson there will be time to practice and perfect the steps you have learned. You will come to understand why the Tango has had a profound impact on the way we dance today.
This elegant, sensual dance and its rhythms will leave a lasting impression on all!


A magic night with the passion of the Tango, Esquina de Carlos Gardel is one of the most recognize Tango House in the World, not only for their incredible Tango demonstration, also for the delicious international food combined with Argentinean meat.

The name of the place is to Honor The most famous Composer and Tango singer, who had lived in this street.



Private transfer with a bilingual guide will transfer you to the airport

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