Medical Tourism: Health and Beauty, by Rixner International.

Medical Tourism in Buenos Aires is blooming every year in Argentina. A selected team of health and beauty professionals is waiting in Buenos Aires. You could have excellent healthcare specialists with you while using the time between appointments to discover the wonders of Argentina and saving money at the same time.

Your next business or pleasure trip could also be an excellent opportunity to visit some of the best equipped and qualified medical, health and beauty professionals in Buenos Aires.

In the USA a dental implant can cost up to U$S 20.000. In Argentina, you can get the same treatment, tourist activities, airfare and stay for U$S8.700. The currency exchange fare and countries low taxes on tourism and medical practice make this possible.

Rixner International will take good care of your trip, offering the best options for your medical treatment. Providing everything you need to rest, feel good, look good and enjoy all the comfort in your stay in Buenos Aires and Argentina. Depending on your treatment needs you could get to know the great city of Buenos Aires or even travel to Iguazu falls, Calafate, Bariloche, Mendoza or many other wonderful places.


Our medical associates include, among other well-known professionals:

-Dr. Norberto Coerezza, Odontologist.

-Dr. Alberto Rancati, Plastic Surgery.

-Dr. Gabriel Di Virgilio, Ophthalmologist Surgeon.

-Dr. Abel González, Cutaneous Oncologist.

Please, for more information to know more about our select group of clinics and associated professionals, contact us at We’ll be glad to bring you more details about our options and selected professionals.

Rixner International. Your DMC in Argentina. A Destination Management Company member of SITE Southamerica (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence South America) and AOCA (Asociación Argentina de Organizadores y Proveedores de Exposiciones, Congresos y Eventos).

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